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Five Reasons why you need a disposable email address

We all use emails in the digital age we are living in, for talking to friends and co-workers to using them as your online passport. Almost every other website and app expect an email address for sign up. The same is the case with major E-com stores, colleges, and newsletters. Well, it's great to have one email for all your needs and easy to keep track of it. But it gets disturbing when you are punched with a ton of emails now and then. Plus, it is a new normal for databases getting hacked these days that could expose your email to the spammers. It's a fact that it's almost impossible to keep your online credentials private.

Hence comes the need for a disposable email address to secure your entry to the online world with minimal hassle. Not only does it save you from unwanted messages, but it also works very well to protect your identity . So, here are the five key reasons why you need a disposable email address and let us boast that -

A disposable email address from sobhog.com provides all the following benefits!

Do Away with the Extra Hassle: Secure your Online Seat from Spam Lists


There is no doubt that spam is a trouble maker and it needs to be blocked. Most websites get hands-on email via email exchange programs, and you end up getting a bucket full of messages the entire day. This is the reason why most people use disposable email addresses to limit their first email to become a target for spam.

You often ignore the site permission you agree to every time you hit up a new website. They get access to use your email address and even sell your information to third party websites and ad agencies. So, it's better to use a disposable email address. It gives you the option to enter the web with a valid address and also protects your main email address from piling up with junk mails. Your disposable email address consumes all the junk on your behalf. And Sobhog.com becomes your trash can for such junk.

A Tip: Always use your first email or the one that is password-protected for sharing any personal information on the websites. Avoid using the disposable email address for payments or sharing any sensitive information.

Stay on Top of Things: Keep your Identity Private

Privacy protection is a buzzing issue and we all know that our online information is not full proof. Online privacy is an all-time concern for users and law enforcement agencies. Yet, the least we could do is take the right steps to keep our email addresses private to only a few trusted websites. At last, your email address is the gateway to your personal and sensitive information.

Be smart and use a fictional email address to avoid your true identity on the internet. This way you will never have to worry about your privacy and using spam. Your identity will also be protected from hackers and spammers. So, just to be on the safer side, use a disposable email address for your online exercises.


A Tip: There are online services that let you hide the real email address. This could stop you from exposing your actual email address to the online buyers and sellers. Please note that you might reveal your email when you respond to an online buyer or seller.

Keep a tab between your business email, Personal Email, and Junk Email


Isn't it better to keep a separate tab between your Business Email, Personal Email, and Junk Email? Why are we saying that? All because the cyber-attacks are at an all-time high. The use of a single email also leads to confusion and takes much of your time to sort the mail list. So, more are the chances of losing out on important emails.

What you need to do is create multiple email addresses. Let's say a business email, one for important personal emails, and the last one for using anywhere on the web. It is an ideal way to use your email addresses efficiently by keeping your privacy in check. Make sure you keep a tab of the logins for each of your email addresses. Many a time, people lose their login details and lose out their personal information. And, you might need to take a long route to regain access to your emails.

A Tip: Enjoy unlimited access to online resources and services of your choice. A disposable email address can help you join interesting forums, get access to online software, and take demos.

Efficient Handling of Specific Projects

I am sure it makes sense to assign an email address to a specific project. That way, you can keep a check on the progress of your assignment. If you want to transfer the job to someone else, you can always do that by sharing that email address and password.

You might need an email address to chat online with your colleagues or connect with clients. The matter of concern is the chat portals often share your emails with others. So, try using a disposable email address for such websites without giving out your personal information.

A Small Backup Can Go a Long Way

I am sure most of you miss out on recalling set passwords. You might have noticed that the email providers ask for a secondary email to secure your account from lost details or unauthorized access. Well, the easiest way to do that is to create a backup email address to testify your lost credentials. It will help you set up a new password and regain your access to the lost email.


The Crux of it


If you desire to meet any of the above-said conditions, then don't hesitate to come on Board. Start using the disposable email address right away. It can be your answer to lasting privacy and limitless use of online services and resources. Feel free to use our site for disposable email address. It is simple-to-use and does not ask for any personal information.