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Benefits of Disposable Email

The benefits to SobHog disposable email

Signing up for any product or service almost always requires the use of an email address. Many of these products or services you register for might only ever be used once or twice. There are times you need to give your email out to somebody you just don't trust enough to share your real email address. Or maybe you just need to verify an email address to view a page of content.

All of these scenarios and more are where SobHob disposable email should be used.

It's very common for websites to sell, trade or even just spam your email address. Websites get hacked and databases of emails leaked to countless users across the Internet.

How annoying is it to receive a marketing email with an unsubscribe in the footer that you never even asked to receive in the first place? Even worse, once you click unsubscribe your email address will then be sold off as a verified active address to the highest bidder.

SobHog reusable disposable email can put an end to messy inboxes and even give you notifications when an email is received to your inbox. 

SobHog requires no registration. You don't even set a password. We don't care what your name is, the age you are or what gender you identify as is. Just generate a random temporary email address or create your own custom inbox ID. 

Email is deleted after every hour, but the mailbox can be saved until you decide to delete it.

Getting access to a previously deleted temporary email ID is simple. Just enter it as a create your own inbox and you're back in. 

SobHog wants your junk mail. Your personal email account hates it. Using a SobHog disposable email is a no brainer.